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Introducing Invoke Workflows, Taking Enterprise AI for Game Development to the Next Level
March 14, 2024
Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Invoke Workflows, an easy-to-deploy set of tools designed to scale and customize AI usage across the enterprise. With Invoke Workflows, professional studios can rapidly generate project-relevant assets with unmatched control and enterprise-grade security. Workflows allow users with technical expertise to create and share step-by-step image production processes across the organization, helping less technical team members to reap the benefits of popular open source image generation models without needing to be an expert in complex AI tools or learn a new class of software. 

Earlier this year, we launched Invoke Enterprise to meet the specific needs of professional studios producing AAA games. With Workflows, Invoke now scales the knowledge of tech-savvy individuals, allowing the entire studio to benefit from AI integration into their creative and development pipelines. This empowers creative teams to accelerate production tasks with full IP control, marrying AI efficiency to human creativity.

Key Features include:

  • Ease of Deployment: Invoke Workflows enables technical team members to create pipelines for non-technical team members to effortlessly create and share assets, significantly reducing production time without compromising on creativity or control. 
  • Unmatched Control: Invoke grants users unprecedented control over the AI generation process, realizing creative visions while ensuring assets remain aligned with the original intellectual property. Users can also tweak individual components of each generated asset, cutting down on iteration and allowing artists to remain focused on the big picture. 
  • IP-Appropriate Assets: Invoke quickly generates assets that reference work you or your team have already created for your projects. Each generated image automatically incorporates your game’s brand guidelines and intellectual property, ensuring alignment and efficiency.
  • Security and Privacy: With individualized AI models trained on customers' proprietary IP, hosted securely within their own accounts, Invoke Workflows ensures that all generated content remains the exclusive property of its creators, safeguarding against unauthorized use or leaks.
  • Game-Development Centered: Invoke Workflows empowers businesses to dictate their own content guidelines, offering unparalleled flexibility in content creation (including the ability to freely explore mature themes and imagery crucial to gaming projects) without the constraints imposed by mainstream B2C tools.

We are focused on creating AI tools that are actually useful, time saving and empower human creativity. And while AI tools can be a powerful assistant in this process, it can never replace human creativity or teach artists to suddenly become software engineers. With Workflows, we’re lowering the barrier to entry for using generative AI technology and doing so without sacrificing anyone’s creative vision or craftsmanship.

Our commitment to an artist-centric approach has already garnered praise from industry leaders, including Stew Chisam, president at Hi-Rez Studios, who says, “We appreciate Invoke's work in building an artist-centric tool, and their focus on partnering with us to navigate the change of integrating these tools into our team's existing processes. With the ability to securely train models on our assets and give artists direct control over the generation process, we're able to ensure the work we do is centered around the artist's process, and our overall creative direction.”

As the gaming industry continues to navigate the complexities of AI integration, we will continue to offer a secure, efficient, and innovative platform that respects both the artistic integrity and operational needs of game developers worldwide.

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