Creation Tools

Control the entire creation process

Turn your creative vision into professional-quality images, invite collaborators to work together in secure spaces, & maintain ownership, security, and control of your generated works and AI models.
Go beyond basic text prompts
Incorporate dozens of visual components into your generation workflow, like reference images & sketches. Control how every component impacts different aspects of your images. 
Iterate & refine your images
Mainstream AI generators don’t give enough control for professional artists. With Invoke, refine specific areas of an image that you want to change and iterate without having to re-generate your entire canvas.
Own your data and models
Every work and model you create with Invoke remains exclusively in your control. Invoke never uses your images to train or improve someone else’s model, unlike other AI image generation platforms.

Apply prompts to specific regions

With Control Layers, apply different types of guidance – like compositional structure, textual prompts, or visual references – specifically where you need them in your images.
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Latest Updates
The Invoke canvas.
Upload your own images
Upload images into your gallery and incorporate them into the generation process. Choose how much influence you want an image to have on the generation process with fine-grained control sliders.
The Invoke canvas.
Inpainting & Outpainting
With Inpainting, select an area of your image and add new visual elements directly into the image. With Outpainting, expand your canvas and Invoke will automatically fill in the rest.
The Invoke canvas.
Control Adapters
Incorporate reference images and compositional guidance to the generation process, using industry-leading technology like IP Adapter, ControlNet, & T2I.
The Invoke canvas.
Upload custom models
Choose from Invoke’s standard set of models, or upload your own from anywhere. Our Hugging Face integration offers thousands of foundation and concept (LoRA) models.
The Invoke canvas.
Increase the resolution and detail level of your image. Choose the output aspect ratio and Invoke’s upscaling workflow will handle the rest.
The Invoke canvas.
Queue Management
Queue up multiple generations or iterations with a single click, and easily view, pause, or stop generation tasks from a single dashboard.
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