We believe in creatives.

The people who think differently, who challenge the status quo, who give representation to our feelings, ideas, and experiences to inspire us.
Creatives envision worlds. Creatives invoke wonder.
To accomplish this, creatives spend a lifetime honing their craft. They become masters, not just of technique, but of emotion, nuance, experience, and vision.

Yet, while a person’s imagination can grow exponentially, a person’s capacity to turn creative ideas into real works remains fairly fixed. Professional artists and designers often don’t have enough resources or time to bring their best ideas to life.

Their vision might be too ambitious, or not have enough “mainstream appeal”, and their ideas stay on the shelf.

Over the past year, a wave of generative AI tools have hit the market, aiming to solve this problem for every type of creative. For creatives working in visual arts and media, we’ve seen AI-powered image generators attract the attention, awe, criticism, and sometimes ire from our community.

Today, most of these AI tools remain limited in practical use for professional visual creatives because:
They don’t provide enough control to professionals with a specific creative vision or personal artistic style
They use their users’ work and data to train their own proprietary models, locking users in to a closed ecosystem building a set of training data that might compete with you one day
They are only built for individual use, so creatives working in professional teams can’t use them for their most important work
The Invoke canvas.
The Invoke canvas.
That’s why we’re
building Invoke.
Create images with the precision and control that professionals require.
We publish our code, you get to see it.
We’ll never use your work to train other people’s models.
Invite-only spaces for teams to explore generative AI safely, together.
Fully isolated environments and enterprise-grade security for organizations.
Invoke began as an open-source project, and we’ll continue to give our Community Edition software for free to creatives (or anyone aspiring to be one!) who want to self-host and install with their own compatible hardware. We are proud to have provided this software, for free and openly-licensed, to hundreds of thousands of people to date.

Today, we’re excited to offer Invoke Indie, Invoke Premier, and Invoke Enterprise, for individuals, teams, and organizations who want us to host, deploy, and manage the software for them. We're also here to help ensure creatives have a voice in how they use this technology on their teams, and help leaders develop a strong strategy for using this technology in a way that empowers your teams, and accelerates what your business can do.

These tools will help accelerate the creation of the new worlds, products, and experiences that are waiting to be realized. We can’t wait to see what you create next.

Happy Invoking!
Kent Keirsey, CEO