Own Your Creative Power

Invoke is the only generative creation tool and custom AI model manager where you retain complete control & ownership of your work, your models, and your intellectual property, in perpetuity.
How to build a custom model trained on your IP
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Generate creative assets using your private IP

Turn your creative vision into professional-quality images, invite collaborators to work together in secure spaces, & maintain ownership, security, and control of your generated works and AI models.
creative asset of tower created using Invokegif of invoked image of a tower
Invoke studio

Create and refine on a single canvas

Studio combines the most powerful and intelligent image generation technology with a familiar, practical interface for the highest level of creative control. Create, refine, iterate, and store your images—all in one place.
The Invoke canvas.
Unified Canvas
Create beautiful images from text prompts, image prompts, or your own sketches. Fine-tune every element of the image by refining and iterating in a single tool.
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The Invoke workflow builder.
Workflow Builder
Setup workflows to incorporate visual brand guidelines, ensure image consistency, apply effects, auto-crop, or batch edit large volumes of images.
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The Invoke que manager.
Queue Management
Queue up multiple generations or iterations with a single click, and easily view, pause, or stop generation tasks from a single dashboard.
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Use Cases
All Use Cases
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IP-Appropriate Assets
Quickly generate assets that reference work you or your team have already created for your projects.
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Refined Iteration
Iterate on specific parts of a character sketch and choose from multiple generated options.
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Sketch to Full Render
Transform your hand-drawn character and environment sketches into stunning, fully-rendered works in seconds.
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Custom Models
Generate images that automatically incorporate your game’s brand guidelines and intellectual property into the generated assets.
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Multi-User Projects
Create invite-only spaces for your team
Empower your creative team with separate, configurable Studio spaces for distinct projects, role-based access controls, permissions, and shared images.
The Invoke canvas.
Multi-user Access + Permissions
Easily manage who can enter your Studio spaces. Add or remove team members as needed, ensuring that only the right people have access to specific projects.
The Invoke canvas.
Project-level Settings
Customize the Studio environment for each project. Set model availability, tool preferences, and more to cater to the specific needs of each creative project.
The Invoke canvas.
Shared Images and Prompts
Choose images from your personal Studio to share with your project team. Team members can easily review the prompts, settings, and workflows you used to generate the image.
custom model management
Secure custom models trained on your content
Develop, refine, and own custom models based on your intellectual property. Our platform offers base models that are openly licensed, and your custom content is owned by you — meaning the model is yours to keep, use, and modify however you like without proprietary platform lock-ins or commercial licensing constraints.
Base Model Finetuning
Develop a custom base model for your organization, fine-tuned to your organization’s brand, intellectual property, and image generation projects.
Specialized Model Creation
Develop efficient, specialized models for specific image generation use cases for your organization — like referencing a specific product, character, or product within a larger brand family.
Base Model Upgrades
Invoke helps you build and store your model training data, so that when new base models are released, you can easily train updated models.
enterprise deployment
Deploy generative AI tools in an isolated environment
Empower your creative teams with powerful image generation tools — securely and at scale. Help safeguard your IP, ensuring access to the most powerful generative AI technology while protecting against legal and compliance risks.
Single Tenant Hosting
Deploy Invoke on an isolated subdomain (eg. “http://your-org.invoke.ai) and cloud-hosted environment for your enterprise, ensuring strong performance, customization, and security.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Provide simple, secure user access with our Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, including support for OIDC, SAML, and more.
Audit and Activity Log
Review user activity, prompts, and other inputs to ensure that generated images are in compliance with internal governance and legal and regulatory requirements.
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