Package Testing


Our approach to package testing determines the implied and explicit messages that are conveyed to consumers, and the subsequent impact on buying behaviors. Using concept rotation, participants evaluate and rank more package designs than in traditional settings without order bias. This helps our clients understand:

  • Message conveyed by the package: What the package tells consumers, both functionally and emotionally (using associations and projective techniques)
  • Brand and category fit
  • Visual and textual clarity and appeal
  • Perceived shelf presence
  • Competitive uniqueness, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Likely impact of package design on purchase intent and word of mouth
  • Category and product usage
  • Barriers to trial and improvement opportunities
  1. “Online hybrid (qualitative/quantitative) technology seems to be a 21st Century,
    difference-making research methodology. “Engage,” more than simply combining qual and quant methodologies, can shore up the respective weaknesses of qual and quant by delivering projectable quantitative data and the qualitatively-derived
    ‘why’ behind it.”

    Research Conference Report