Communications Testing


The Invoke research team collectively holds decades of communications testing experience, which enables us to:

  • Provide best practices to ensure a successful campaign
  • Offer an expert view of the results and of their interpretation

We believe the emotional and spontaneous responses from customers enabled by our large-scale qualitative methodology and quantitative metrics provide the most thorough insights available today when optimizing your communications:

  • Results are in real-time allow for better, faster collaborative decisions
  • Clear exposure of what to push forward, how to group executions, and how to avoid any unnecessary consequences of your campaigns

Combining our experience, expertise, and innovative methodology allows us to best optimize your communications:

  • Situational Assessment: Understand current behaviors, pain points, decision making roles, competitive brand perceptions, category usage, and more
  • Early Message Optimization: Validate assumptions, determine “winning” concepts, and uncover ideas for refinement of mid-level concepts
  • Final Communications Screen: Choose the messages for launch that are most clear, compelling, brand appropriate, and capture the customer voice
  • Market Understanding and Impact: Determine awareness, understanding, and the degree to which the messaging is actually driving behaviors
  1. “Online hybrid (qualitative/quantitative) technology seems to be a 21st Century,
    difference-making research methodology. “Engage,” more than simply combining qual and quant methodologies, can shore up the respective weaknesses of qual and quant by delivering projectable quantitative data and the qualitatively-derived
    ‘why’ behind it.”

    Research Conference Report