Research Network

The objective of the Research Professional Network is to enable brands around the world to obtain vital and instantaneous insights on a large scale by equipping best-in-class research professionals with the next generation tools offered by Invoke.

What is the Invoke Research Professional Network? The Research Professional Network is a national network of independent businesses, contractors and sole practitioners who will provide their market research expertise to Invoke and to the Invoke clients.

What is in it for the Research Professional? The research professional will become a direct affiliate of Invoke, work on interesting and challenging market research and employee engagement projects, be an active part of Invoke innovation, receive an attractive compensation package, if requested can carry Invoke business cards and most important, accomplish this by managing your own schedule, time and assignments.

What is in it for Invoke? Invoke gets the opportunity to work with industry leaders who are considered best-in-class research professionals, expand and develop industry expertise, create a large scale researcher network, respond immediately to the growing client requirements and build a national footprint.

Eligibility and Selection? To be part of the Research Professional Network, an individual must:
• Have worked in market research for at least 6 years
• Operate as an independent contractor or own your own business
• Be proficient or is willing to become proficient with the Invoke Technology Platform
• Be a “well-balanced” researcher – comfortable with both technology and presenting in front of groups
• Not be employed by a competitor or cannot be under a non-compete agreement with a competitive firm
• Provide references, submit a writing and report sample
• Operate under the highest ethical standards and understand the importance of representing the Invoke Brand

Operating as an Invoke Research Professional? There are two approaches to working in the program. You will work on-demand as an independent market researcher to assist Invoke with its delivery of Invoke client projects. Additionally, you have the opportunity to create your own portfolio of business using the Invoke Technology and Platform in which you are both the sales person and the market researcher. In each situation, Invoke and the Research Professional will work closely together to deliver on the client needs and expectations.

Engaging with Invoke Clients? Invoke will request your assistance on an Invoke client project. As an Invoke Research Professional you can accept or decline the project (you manage your schedule but must notify Invoke of your intent on the same day of the notification). If accepted, you will be the assigned researcher for the client project and be expected to complete the project as outlined in the SOW. Your participation in the project may include screener development, discussion guide development, d-guide programing, panel consultation, remote and/or on-site moderation, management of the LIVE experience and preparation and writing of reports.

Engaging with Your Clients? As an Invoke Research Professional, you can approach your clients and represent that you are part of the Invoke Research Professionals Network and have full access to the Invoke Platform, Technology and Operations team. However, you cannot compete against Invoke. The Research Professional and Invoke must work together and demonstrate a united business approach to solving the client’s problems.

Other expectations? As an Invoke Research Professional, Invoke will encourage you to participate in product development and enhancements dialogs, assist with marketing and business development activities, contribute toward relevant monthly industry blogs and white papers and be an active participant in building the business through the delivery of best-in-class research and support.

Compensation Structure?

1. Invoke assigned project — when assigned a project as an Invoke Research Professional to support an Invoke client, compensation is based on the deliverable and requirements of the project outlined in the SOW:

  • As the assigned researcher you will Conduct the project, complete the screener, complete the discussion guide, moderate the session, review automated reports, provide session take-a-ways within 24 hours of session (LIVE only), write the executive summary within 3 days of the session, conduct the session at the client’s location and participate in client review if requested.
  • If required the researcher will write a full Invoke Insights Report with recommendations and summary of findings as well as 10-15 pages of supporting data (closed and open ends). You will have full access to the Invoke Interactive Analytics Dashboard for this purpose.

2. Research Professional generated project — when the opportunity arises for you to bring one of your client projects to Invoke you will receive a sales commission in addition to the researcher compensation outlined above. The sales commission is 7% for each project and is based on the total value of the project including all panel costs, Invoke technology and platform costs and project management. The commission is paid to the Research Professional following receipt of the payment from the client.

3. Invoke will reimburse the Research Professional for all travel expenses following the submission of the expense voucher.

How to Start? Contact any Invoke employee, members of our senior researcher management team or contact Wayne Goodreau directly at or call directly at: 781.810.2744.

  1. “Online hybrid (qualitative/quantitative) technology seems to be a 21st Century,
    difference-making research methodology. “Engage,” more than simply combining qual and quant methodologies, can shore up the respective weaknesses of qual and quant by delivering projectable quantitative data and the qualitatively-derived
    ‘why’ behind it.”

    Research Conference Report