Invoke Live Events

Invoke LIVE! is a series of live studies conducted on the Invoke research platform about topics that we and our clients believe will be of value to the research community. During each live event, observers (such as you) are able to fully experience our unique research methodology and gain valuable feedback on current subjects important to marketers. Each Invoke LIVE! Session is broadcasted to registered attendees and is also recorded for viewing at a later date. Some of the subjects we have covered in the past, include:

  • Bringing the Hyper Social Networker to Life
  • Exploration of Social Commerce
  • Green Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical Advertising
  • The Trend Toward Healthy Living

Check out our Latest Invoke LIVE Studies!

2012 Conscious Consumption Part 2 – From the Market to the Home

In the second installment of its Conscious Consumers series, Invoke explored the green behaviors that consumers are actually practicing at home and what key drivers and barriers exist around the adoption of these habits.



2012 Conscious Consumption Part 1 – Navigating the Grocery Store

In this first of a series of studies on Conscious Consumption, Invoke will look to gather feedback on consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding product benefit claims and how they are ultimately driving purchase, diving deeper into terms such as “organic,” “natural” and “local” to understand how these are resonating with consumers today.

2012 Technology Concerns In a Mobile/Digital World

The increased usage of mobile devices and the rise of social networking have made personal technology a more integral part of people’s lives than ever before. This study looked to uncover any issues and concerns that people have with the increasing pervasiveness of technology in their lives, particularly around security, privacy, and heath/safety.

2011 Ad Trends

We recently conducted an Invoke LIVE! session with 200 US consumers to understand how effective repurposed TV ads are.
We exposed participants to three memorable campaigns and asked them to share their thoughts on the viability and relevance of these ‘vintage’ ads.


  • 2011 Annual Holiday Shopping
  • Social Branding
  • 2010 Holiday Shopping
  • Social Commerce
  • Social Networking
  • The Power of Brand Charisma
  1. “Online hybrid (qualitative/quantitative) technology seems to be a 21st Century,
    difference-making research methodology. “Engage,” more than simply combining qual and quant methodologies, can shore up the respective weaknesses of qual and quant by delivering projectable quantitative data and the qualitatively-derived
    ‘why’ behind it.”

    Research Conference Report